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The Section 357 Show, Presented by Society and Sports

The Section 357 Show, Presented by Society and Sports


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Friends, we’ve expanded our horizons to include a new platform. The new Section 357 Blog launched at the end of 2013, primarily to give our hosts a chance to share more of their perspectives in a slightly different format. While we love hosting our show, we simply felt that writing more would give our fans a chance to get to know us in a different way. We hope you’ll join us there with the same awesome support we’ve experience with both our podcast and this current space. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to drop us a line on Twitter: @Section357

The month of November is often a time to give thanks and reflect on both the past and upcoming year. With that being said, we’re giving thanks for all of our fans, plus a well-deserved spotlight to a few HBCU Players who’ve had a good month:

Jeremy Ingram of North Carolina Central is our HBCU Player of the Week for 11/18. The 6-2 Senior from Charlotte led the Eagles to a 3-0 week including an upset win at North Carolina State. Ingram averaged 31.3 ppg over the week.

The opening of college basketball season has already seen some big performances on the HBCU front from Texas Southern. Our HBCU Co-Players of the Week for 11/11 are Texas Southern’s 6-10 senior center Aaric Murray and 5-9 senior guard Ray Penn. Murray has opened the season averaging 24.7 ppg and is 5th in the nation in blocks at 5.7 per game; Ray Penn is averaging 17 ppg and is 5th in the nation in assists at 8.3 per game.

We show the Defense some love as Norfolk State University’s Keenan Lambert is our HBCU Player of the Week for 11/4. The junior defensive back intercepted 2 passes and deflected another as Norfolk State went to Daytona and knocked off Bethune-Cookman in a 27-24 upset, handing the Wildcats their first loss in the MEAC.

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We haven’t talked too much about the NBA this year so far, but that will soon change. In the meantime, enjoy the latest chapter from one of our favorite characters: Uncle Drew.

Over 300 episodes. Lots of debates. Catch up on the latest from The Section 357 Show here. 

The Sports Media world has had plenty to say about the Richie Incognito-Jonathan Martin saga. We covered it on a recent podcast with former NFL Offensive Lineman Anthony Alabi. It looks like the recent events haven’t stopped Martin from enjoying some college football action. This shot was taken from the Stanfard-USC game.

Still don’t think Sports/Hip-Hop go hand in hand? @bigshotron found this earlier: 2 Chainz playing basketball in his high school days. Back when he was just known as Tauheed Epps, 2 Chainz (aka Tity Boi) looks like he had some decent skills on the hardwood. See for yourself in this video.

Big Shot Ron breaks out the crystal ball to give us the definitive predictions on the 2013-2014 NBA season.

All-Star Selections:

Eastern Conference Starters: Derrick Rose, Dwyane Wade, Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony, Joakim Noah

Eastern Conference Reserves: Kyrie Irving, Paul George, Nikola Vuecvic, John Wall,  Josh Smith, Al Horford,  Rudy Gay 

Western Conference Starters: Chris Paul, Kobe Bryant (too many Kobe/casual fans will vote for him even if he doesn’t play until Christmas , see below) ,  Kevin Durant, Blake Griffin, Dwight Howard

Western Conference Reserves: Stephen Curry, Anthony Davis, LaMarcus Aldridge, Kevin Love, James Harden, Damien Lillard (*Russell Westbrook could change that), Andre Iguadola

Three-Point Contest Champion: Wayne Ellington, Mavericks

Dunk Contest Champion: Derrick Williams, Timberwolves

All-Star Game MVP: Kevin Durant

Rookie of the Year: Michael Carter Williams, 76ers. There is no one in this draft class I feel strongly about. Whoever does win, it doesn’t punch their ticket to stardom.

Coach of the Year:Doc Rivers, Clippers

Most Improved Player of the Year: Enes Kanter, Jazz

Defensive Player of the Year: Joakim Noah, Bulls

Sixth Man of the Year: Harrison Barnes or Klay Thompson

Most Valuable Player: Chris Paul, Clippers. Call this the “Charles Barkley/Karl Malone” award for winning it because media gets tired of voting for Jordan/James

Keep that Resume Updated: Tyrone Corbin, Jazz;  Steve Clifford, Bobcats

Call Your Local Realtor (Biggest Trade Bait): Rajon Rondo, Evan Turner, Greg Monroe, Danny Granger, Eric Gordon, Zach Randolph

Twitter/Facebook Blows Up When: The entire Eastern Conference Semifinals. If things hold to form, Miami vs Brooklyn and Chicago vs. Indiana will take NBA fans back to the 80’s. Four teams who have no love for each other, combined with stifling defense, will make for wildly entertaining albeit low scoring basketball. Second Place- There is a reason a Laker team that should not make the playoffs is playing during the dinner hour game on Christmas versus the Heat: Kobe is too full of himself, too prideful not to be back for a spotlight game. Third Place- November 3, 2013 is a typical slow Sunday night in the NBA except for the night Kevin Durant goes all David Thompson/George Gervin and drops 70 on Phoenix.


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It’s crowded in the Players Circle this week. With an extra week to survey the sports landscape, we saw a lot of things we liked, and some we didn’t. No long intro this week; just straight to the “winners”…

(NFL picks for Week 8: Jets at Bengals, Cowboys at Lions, Steelers at Oakland)

HBCU Players of the Week - Malcolm Cyrus and Derek Bryant

(Recent Past)

Malcolm Cyrus of Alabama State ran for a career high 241 yards on 21 carries including the game winning touchdown in overtime as the Hornets defeated the Prairie View A&M Panthers 48-42 to move their record to 5-2  (5-1 in the SWAC)

Ron’s Picks: Bengals, Cowboys, Steelers


Derek Bryant was the unwanted guest at Johnson C Smith homecoming this week, The Fayetteville State  quarterback threw for 418 yards and 3 touchdowns  as the Broncos beat the Golden bulls 35-26 to improve their record to 4-3 and hold onto 2nd place in the Southern Division of the CIAA

Trey’s Picks: Jets, Lions, Steelers

Imaginary Player of the Week - Vince Young

The thirst is real. Look, we get it; with so many QB injuries in the NFL we understand that some players think that opens the door for them to get back in the league and on some team’s roster. While it’s logical to think that, it’s not logical to tweet it.

Floyd’s Picks: Bengals, Lions, Raiders

International Player of the Week - Mikayla Clark and the Arrowhead Stadium crowd

Any time you break a record in the Guinness Book of World Records, that makes you an international player in our eyes. To that end, we have to show love to two recent record breakers: Mikayla Clark and the Kansas City Chief home crowd.

Our co-host Floyd was beaming with pride over yet another athletic accomplishment for his beloved Westlake High School. Move over alums Cam Newton and Pacman Jones and make room for Mikayla, who broke the Guinness World Record by completing 44 back handsprings, smashing the previous record of 36. Peep the video below:

Dee’s Picks: Bengals, Lions, Steelers  

Moving on from solo accomplishments to one requiring some team effort, The Kansas City Chiefs set a new Guinness World Record for crowd noise with a 137.5 decibel reading at Arrowhead Stadium. The cool thing about this, besides the fact that KC is having a great run this season after a dismal 2012, is that we normally associate the loudest crowds with Dome stadiums; however, the two loudest crowd roars on record are at outdoor venues in KC and Seattle (where the previous record was recorded).


This Week’s Players Circle is simply amazing, awesome, and troubling all at once!

(NFL Week 6 Picks: Detroit vs Cleveland, Green Bay vs Baltimore, New Orleans vs New England)

Big Shot Ron’s Picks: Cleveland, Baltimore, New England

HBCU Player of the Week: Telvin Hooks

Tennessee State’s Telvin Hooks ran for 159 yards and a touchdown to keep the Tigers perfect in the Ohio Valley Conference with a 40-16 win over SE Missouri State. The Tiger defense was always stifling, holding the Redhawks to 229 yards total offense and forcing three turnovers. Tennessee State’s overall record moves to 5-1.

Floyd’s Picks: Cleveland, Green Bay, New England

Imaginary Player of the Week: Matt Shaub

What are we supposed to say here that hasn’t already been said? For Shaub, the Pick-6 Struggle is Real. We won’t pile on here regarding Matt’s on-field struggles, but we would like to take this time to address some of the off-field actions regarding the Texans’ signal caller. TO ALL FANS: Confronting a player on his/her private property to berate them for a performance that you deem unacceptable is not only classless and silly, it’s downright foolish.

Have you ever heard the term Punks Jump Up to Get Beat Down? If not, look it up. Better yet, if you replace the term “beat” with something worse, those fan actions could have much more dire consequences for everyone involved. We know emotions regarding our favorite teams can run high, but let’s try to keep everything in the proper perspective. Besides,  at this rate Texans fans probably won’t have Matt Shaub to worry about for much longer, anyway.

Son Dee’s Picks: CLE and BAL ride home field advantage. N.O. has too much O for Pats even at Foxborough.

Master Dee’s Masterpiece: Molson Beer

Canadian beer known in the US as a Molson. There are various types of Molson here (in Canada): lagers, ales, etc., but the basic version is called a Canadian.


We’re not sure if Drake digs Molson, but he is Canadian, so we’re going to assume so for the sake of this post.

Trey’s Picks: Detroit, Greenbay, New Orleans

LA Trey’s Movie Minute: Gravity

The great thing about movies that show in the fall are the lack of re-processed sequels and prequels.  Hollywood takes a moment to exhale and actually put out decent stories with gratifying films.  This fall is starting off no different.  The front-runner of this season’s juicy story tidbit is a movie called Gravity.  Now let me rewind for a second.  I know what your thinking:  “Isn’t Gravity that space movie with all of the special effects?  Doesn’t that sound like a summer blockbuster formula?”  Well, yes and no.  It is true that Gravity is a special effect-riddled movie but what separates it from the rest of its blockbuster brethren is the depth of the characters.  Two to be exact.  Sandra Bullock and George Clooney are the only two human beings you’re going to meet through this entire ride.  The story is about two astronauts trapped in space after their space shuttle is destroyed while in orbit.  These two lonely souls must think quickly, act as a team and muster up the intestinal fortitude to survive some of the must gut wrenching, disorienting, climatic scenes you’ve probably seen since the last summer blockbuster.  But let me reiterate, this is NOT a summer blockbuster.  Behind the green screen wizardry and mind blowing sound design lies a story in it’s truest form.  Man vs. himself.  The character development is simply amazing.  Don’t be surprised if you hear Oscar talk surrounding one of these performers.  If you’re a fan of movies like Cast Away, and possibly I Am Legend then do yourself a favor, grab some popcorn money and head to the theatre.  Gravity is a must-see.

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It’s a “Straight, No Chaser” week around the Players Circle. No fourplay convo; just the awards… 

(Week 5 NFL Picks: Denver at Dallas, San Diego at Oakland, Philadelphia at NYG)

HBCU Player of the Week – Stillman College

It was a big week for Stillman College athletics of the SIAC, with big wins on and off the field of play. The Men’s Basketball team was selected as one of two Division II teams to play in the Preseason NIT Tournament and will open play versus the University of Alabama. On the gridiron, Josh Straughan threw for 326 yards and 4 touchdowns as the Tigers rallied from two touchdowns down to beat Kentucky State 26-21.

Big Shot Ron’s Picks: Denver, Oakland, NYG

Imaginary Player of the Week – Lane Kiffin

You can search the Internets to find out all the particulars about how Kiffin got fired on the tarmac one the USC plane landed, but we’d rather focus on the hire. Lane is a perfect example of when nepotism goes wrong. He wasn’t built for the job at UT and wasn’t suited for the job at USC, so we can’t say any of this latest news is surprising. However, what is surprising is that he lasted this long while coasting on the reputation of his dad.

Floyd’s Picks: Denver, San Diego, Philadelphia

 International Player of the Week – Team Oracle

The America’s Cup is probably one of the lesser-known sporting events in our world, but every now and then it makes a headline or two. Originally this conversation started with a bit of faux mockery from Floyd about Dee’s real sports patriotism and support of all things USA. But upon further examination, it was deemed that the winning team, Oracle Team USA, was actually comprised of mostly foreign members (10 of the 11, per Dee’s assertion). Based on that technicality, and the fact that we probably won’t have much cause to mention the sports again, we’ll throw the victors a bone in this space as International Players.

(Also, as you can see in the video below, the water craft involved in the America’s Cup are pretty technologically advanced.)

Dee’s Picks: Denver, San Diego (Stay Classy), Philly

Master Dee’s Masterpiece: Lech Beer

Lech Beer is a very fine import from Poland; it’s a smooth beer that any pale ale fan will enjoy. But more importantly they once built the world’s largest beer mug, which is cool. They then set the record at 10,625 for the largest number of people all drinking from the same mug at once, which is sorta cool but also very very gross.

300 shows up; 300 shows down. The Ball Street Journal is celebrating 300 episodes, and we couldn’t have done it without our fans, our peers, friends, and family for traveling with us on this journey. During our 300th show we spent a lot of time reflecting on how the show came together and what makes it different in our eyes, including some favorite segments, guests, and relationships who made an impact along the way.

Early on, as we were forging some of the initial relationships that would help spur the show’s growth, the “Support Your Own” movement was something we started to give some shine to our peers in sports talk and beyond who were passionate about their craft. We spent a whole month talking with other writers, sportscasters, entrepreneurs, and non-profit organizers about their visions and the impact they wanted to make on the world. It remains one of our favorite moments in S357 history.

Now when it comes to the variety of show features, our Cougar Hall of Fame, Dirty Old Man Draft, and Hip-Hop Hall of Fame immediately come to mind; not only because of the subject matter, but also for the intense debates during these conversations. Forget the regular talking heads debating whether Eli Manning is an elite QB, the debates during both of our Hall of Fame shows are always epic. Sofia Vergara or Jennifer Lopez? Paula Adbul or Alyssa Milano? Rakim vs. 2Pac? NWA (as a group) vs. Dr. Dre/Ice Cube (individually)? These are just a handful of the conversation points we’ve dissected on the show.

As we noted several times during Show 300, we’ve had some amazing guests that have added some great perspective on their careers and how they see the world. Trey highlighted a very wide-ranging chat with NBA Champion Craig Hodges that took place shortly after he joined the show. Do you really want to get the inside scoop on MJ, Kobe, and Phil Jackson? Listen to that interview.

Floyd was partial to a chat we had with Olympic Medalist (and former world #1) Fencer Keeth Smart, while Dee reminisced on a revealing conversation with Samuel McNabb (Donovan’s father) about what it was like to raise a superstar athlete and the role of fatherhood in that process.

Big Shot Ron showed some love to our yearly “I Love HBCU’s” Show in which we take a look at the unique world of Historically Black Colleges and Universities, their alumni (Jerry Rice, Walter Peyton, etc.), and some of the successes/challenges that currently exist for these institutions. These shows are always interesting, mainly because we try to balance celebrating the rich heritage of these schools with critical analysis of some prevailing issues in the academic/athletic space.

We also wanted to show some love to all the guests from On Her Game, NFL Female, Miami Heat Index,, SB Nation, and elsewhere who have become good friends of ours via the show; we couldn’t have done it you.

Section 357/The Ball Street Journal

This Week’s Players Circle is a good one. The bouncers were feeling generous and let a lot of folks in; see who got behind the velvet rope…

(NFL Wk 4 Picks: Seattle at Houston, Pittsburgh at Minnesota, New England at Atlanta)

The HBCU Player of the Week: Jovontay Williams

Johnson C. Smith Junior DE Jovontay Williams collected 4 sacks as Smith moved to 3-0 with a 35 -23 over Davidson at the Belk Complex in Charlotte. Jovontay’s big game moves his sack total to 7.5 which leads the CIAA. 

Big Shot Ron’s Picks: Seattle at Houston, Pittsburgh at Minnesota, New England at Atlanta

The Imaginary Player of the Week: Multiple

Identifying this week’s Imaginary Player(s) was definitely a tough task; there were so many candidates that we decided to have both on- and off- the field designations. Without any further adieu, here we go…

On the Field: We’d like to welcome the new residents of Shutout City: FIU, FAMU, and the New York Giants. It was tough to watch the games involving these teams, but at least the college squads secured some big paydays in exchange for their participation in the lopsided tilt. Let’s hope they spend all that new cash wisely.

Off The Field: Jacoby Jones. When you’re involved in an assault with a stripper named “Sweet Pea”, you’re headed down a disturbing path. When the account of that altercation makes it into your Fantasy Football update, you skyrocket to the top of the Imaginary Player list. There’s no need for us to go into details; read for yourself below:


On the business side of things, we couldn’t overlook this little nugget of info: Shaquille O’Neal just became a minority owner of the Sacramento Kings…the same team he called the “Sacramento Queens” during his playing days in LA. We know playing is playing and business is business, but this just seems a little unexpected. We know the “Big Backpedal” can afford both the 4.0 and the 4.6, but we’re still not sure he knows the difference.

Floyd’s Picks: Houston. Pittsburgh. Atlanta.

The International Player of the Week: Drake/The City of Toronto.

First things first…if you were anywhere near a television this past week(end) you couldn’t miss Drake’s media blitz to promote his new label release “Nothing Was the Same” AND the new FIFA 14 game. On top of that, Drizzy’s hometown of Toronto was reportedly (at the time of this writing) awarded the 2016 NBA All-Star Game Festivities. From what we know about, Toronto…this could be the best fun you won’t hear about. Could be worth a guy trip…


Son Dee’s picks:

Houston at home wins the defensive battle.
Minnesota has a run game.
Atlanta at home. They’ve got more O than the Pats.

Master Dee’s Masterpiece: The Beergarita

Can’t decide if you want to have a manly beer or a bunch of liquor in a margarita? Well then have both!  This is a great invention I’m starting to see at more and more restaurants and even house parties.  It’s a margarita on the rocks with a bottle of beer sitting in it upside down.  You really can’t go wrong.  You can drink most of the margarita than finish up with the beer or you can try and keep a good beer/margarita ratio.  Just remember your physics class when lifting up the beer bottle.  If you can, just drink and let gravity do all the work for you.  

Trey’s Picks:

SEATTLE wins - Houston’s offense is still looking for it’s feet. Andre Johnson is too injury prone and will most certainly find a new way to injure himself yet again.

MINNESOTA wins -  Pittsburg losing their center is one of the main reason for the cracks in the offense. Minnesota’s defense is a lot better than people give them credit for. Adrian Peterson will get his, but it won’t be an easy day for him. The Vikings defense is old, true, but they still have a lot left in the tank.

NEW ENGLAND wins - Gronk should be be back which is only going to calm Brady’s nerves and increase his efficiency. New England finally figured out a way to include their rookie Kembrell Thompkins and he’s finally starting to show the promise he flashed us in preseason.

LA Trey’s Movie Minute: Gods of Egypt

Gerard Butler, King Leonidas from 300, is set to start yet another epic period piece. Our man of Sparta has set his shield and spear down and has now decided to become a god. The Egyptian god Set to be precise.  The film, Gods of Egypt has already started it’s casting process.  Alex Proyas, Jaime Lannistor from Game of Thrones, will play Butler’s non-mortal enemy Osiris. Both actors have a way of captivating audiences with their confident characters, fearless fighting and witty one liners. This should prove to be a very interesting collaboration.  Now if we can just find a way to get Peter Dinklage in there. Who says gods can’t be short?

Section 357 is always on the scene. This time we catch Tiger trying to get up and down out of a bunker during the first round of the Tour Championship.

From the sports bars to the stands, you can always keep up with us here.

@bigshotron takes us to the banks of the Champs-Élysées for one of his recent jams of the day. Les Nubians’ "Makeda". If you can translate what they’re saying, let us know…but either way, enjoy the groove. This is Sports (and Music) without borders…

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